Query your Project in SubQuery Explorer

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# Query your Project in SubQuery Explorer

SubQuery Explorer (opens new window) is an online Managed Service that provides access to published SubQuery projects made by contributors in our community and managed by the SubQuery team. You can publish your own SubQuery projects to our explorer by following our guide to Publish your SubQuery Project.

SubQuery Explorer

The SubQuery explorer makes getting started easy. We’re hosting these SubQuery projects online and allow anyone to query each for free. These managed nodes will be monitored and run by the SubQuery team at a performance level that will allow production apps to use and rely on them.

SubQuery Project

You’ll also note that the SubQuery Explorer provides a playground for discovering available data with example queries - you can test queries directly in your browser without implementing code. Additionally, we’ve made some small improvements to our documentation to better support developers on their journey to better query and analyse the world’s Polkadot data.

On the top right of the playground, you'll find a Docs button that will open a documentation draw. This documentation is automatically generated and helps you find what entities and methods you can query.


Learn more about the GraphQL Query language.

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