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The SubQuery Foundation

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The SubQuery Foundation

The SubQuery Foundation serves to manage and develop the SubQuery Network and its ecosystem. Its purpose is to foster and guide the development and growth of the SubQuery Network and provide support for users and developers to build their own SubQuery Projects.

The SubQuery Foundation is the first step towards decentralising ownership over the SubQuery Network.

The Purpose

The SubQuery Network will be managed by a SubQuery Foundation. The SubQuery Foundation will be a not for profit entity created specifically to serve, manage, and develop the SubQuery Network and provide support for users and developers to participate.

The SubQuery Foundation is expected to have the following mandates:

  • Developing and updating the SubQuery Network.
  • Manage and distributing assets from the Foundation Treasury.
  • Managing the SubQuery Grants Programme to stimulate ecosystem and network development.
  • Developing SubQuery ecosystem of partners and user community.
  • Driving educational programmes and documentation.
  • Decentralising the control over the SubQuery Network.

It is planned that the SubQuery Foundation will be accountable to the SubQuery Council, who will oversee governance decisions and will be made up of key representatives from the core SubQuery team and other key partners and advisers.