How to Become an Indexer


Welcome to this guide of how to become an indexer. Let's take an overview of the basic steps involved in the process:

Summary of Steps

StepsProcess FlowAdditional References
1Set Up & Start Indexing (3 Methods):

1. Select an environment

For those who are new to SubQuery, it is recommended to try running the Indexing Service on your local machine first. For intermediate to advanced users, it is recommended to set up a VM on AWS (or similar) to host your indexing service.

Select the appropriate link in step 1 above.


Note that you may or may not need to install Docker. If you use the SubQuery community image in AWS, it comes with everything you need to set up and run quickly. If you have your own customised VM, you will need to install Docker and some command tools, and then obtain the docker-compose.yml file.

Indexer version

Important: After installing your Indexer, you must SSH to your EC2 instance and download the lastest docker-compose.yml file. Visit How to SSH into your AWS instance if required.

  1. Run cd subquery-indexer
  2. Run the follow cmd to download the latest docker-compose.yml:
curl -o docker-compose.yml

This will overwrite the existing docker-compose.yml file.

Make sure the indexer service versions are correct:



Please change the default PostgreSQL password in the POSTGRES_PASSWORD field and in the coordinator-service's postgres-password field. Replace it with your own one.

2. Connect to MetaMask

Once your Indexing Service is all set and running successfully, connect to your MetaMask wallet

3. Obtain kSQT tokens


4. How to index a project

To index a project, please follow the instructions here.

Additional Notes