Managing Plans and Agreements

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Managing Plans and Agreements

For the initial stages of Kepler, the SubQuery Council will set some default plan templates to make plan management and creation easier, and speed up the testing and analysis of various parameters of the network. As a result, plan creation is very easy and just requires to you enter a price.

All plans will be orientated around the length of an Era, which is currently one week but may be increased to a fortnight (two weeks). Towards the end of each era, we will release the suggested plan templates, recommended pricing, an and other instructions for the start of the next period.

We strongly recommend not exceeding our recommended pricing when setting your price, otherwise you might not be picked for the next era

Creating a Plan

To create a default plan, on the Indexer Admin App, navigate to Plan & Offer -> My Plans. Then select Create a Plan.

Create plan

After that, select a template for the plan.

Select plan template

Enter a price (in kSQT) and the Deployment ID that you want to create the plan for. Then click Create.

Set plan parameters

You will see a pop-up to confirm your transaction with Metamask. Click on Confirm and wait for a few seconds. Then you will see a default plan created in the Default tab.

Default plan created

Kepler will automatically select your plan

Note, for the Kepler network, the SubQuery council will automatically select and create agreements from the best indexers based off your plans. You don't need to do anything else here to be selected apart from performing your key role as an indexer.

Learn more about how we select indexers for agreements here.

Claiming Rewards from a Plan Agreement

Note, you need to wait for the Era completes before the rewards can be claimed. So if you receive rewards during Era 1, you can only claim them after Era 2 starts. This gives consumers sufficient time to lodge any disputes.

To claim your rewards, head to Rewards under your profile. Then click Claim.

Claim Reward

Then confirm the transaction with MetaMask as asked.

Confirm Claim Rewards

Wait for a few seconds and you will see the status as claimed under the Action column.

Reward Claimed