Welcome to Kepler, SubQuery's canary network. The Kepler network is the final stage before mainnet where network participants can be part of the SubQuery network and be rewarded with kSQT tokens which have real-world value.

Learn more about our network participants here, before jumping in and learning how to become an Indexer, Delegator, or a Consumer. First though, learn more about the Kepler dashboard below.

Kepler Dashboard

The Kepler dashboard is divided into several sections as can be seen below.

Kepler dashboard


The explorer displays a list of all the projects that are being indexed. It’s also the place where consumers can select a particular project and purchase the associated plans. If no plans are listed, this indicates that an Indexer has not yet created a plan.

Indexer's plans


The studio allows developers to create, install, deploy and publish SubQuery projects.


Stake & Delegate:

This area:

  • Allows Indexers and Delegators to manage their stake, delegation, rewards, and view tokens that are locked.
  • Allows Delegators to select Indexers and delegate their SQT.
  • Allows Indexers to delegate to projects.

Stake & Delegate Dashboard

Plans & Offers

This area:

  • Lists service agreements.
  • Allows Indexers to create and manage their plans.
  • Allows Consumers to create and manage their offers.
  • Displays an offer marketplace where Indexers can accept an offer from Consumers.

Plan & Offer Dashboard


Swaps allows users to swap USDC to kSQT and vice versa.



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