How to Become a Consumer

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# How to Become a Consumer

# Introduction

Welcome to the step-by-step guide to becoming a Consumer. This guide explains what a consumer is and includes the necessary steps to become one. It also gives you an insight the benefits of becoming a consumer.

Before you begin exploring further, visit Frontier (opens new window) - SubQuery’s Testnet. This guide takes this testnet into account.

# Why Become a Consumer?

As a consumer, you can get indexed data by entering into an agreement with an Indexer. In return, you can query the data you need quickly for your dApps, thereby saving you time figuring out how to get blockchain data yourself.

Begin your journey as a consumer by creating an offer. Follow any of these two methods:

  1. Create your own purchase offer
  2. Purchase an Indexer's plan

# Initial Preparation:

Before you create or purchase your first offer on SubQuery's Frontier Testnet, you must connect with MetaMask. Follow these guided steps and connect with MetaMask.

# Method-1. Create Your Own Offer

To create your own offer, follow the steps shown here.

# Method-2. Purchase an Indexer's Plan

To purchase an indexer’s plan, follow the steps shown here.

# How to make a use of your purchased plan and indexed data?

# Playground

Playground is the place where you can run the readily available query(from any of your purchased plans). You can directly run or test the code right there and retrieve the data.

  • Once you have purchased an offer using any of the above methods, head to Plan & Offer-> My Service Agreements tab.

  • Under the Ongoing tab, you will see a list of service agreements for respective purchased plans. Select the playground of your preferred plan in the last column Action.

Service Agreements

  • You will be redirected to a page, generally known as the Playground.

  • You will then see a code that you can directly use as the query and get the chain data for your project. You can also modify this query as per your requirements and retrieve the data in the desired format.


You can visit the expired plan's service agreement under the Expired tab.

# Additional Information

# Get a Service Agreement from an Indexer

Visit this section to know how to get a service agreement from an indexer.

# Cancel an Offer Before It Expires

Visit this section and know how to cancel an offer before it expires.

# Withdraw SQT locked in an Offer After It Expires

Visit this section to know more about withdrawing SQT locked in an offer after it expires.

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