How to Become a Delegator

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# How to Become a Delegator

# Introduction

Welcome to the step-by-step guide to becoming a Delegator. This guide explains what a delegator is and includes the necessary steps to become one. It also gives you an insight the benefits of becoming a delegator.

Before you begin exploring further, visit Frontier (opens new window) - SubQuery’s Testnet. This guide takes this testnet into account.

# Why to Become a Delegator?

As a delegator, you not only delegate SQT to Indexers, but you also validate and support Indexers to provide their service with better rewards. If needed, you can also undelegate from an indexer and thus, you help the network to become more transparent and secure. In return, you get your share of rewards (in SQT) from the reward pool.

As a delegator, you can perform the following tasks:

  1. Delegate and undelegate your SQT
  2. Claim and withdraw rewards

Let's have a look at the process of delegating and undelegating.

# How to delegate and undelegate SQT?

# Initial Preparation:

Before you start delegating or undelegating on SubQuery's Frontier Testnet, you must connect with MetaMask. Follow these guided steps and connect with MetaMask.

# Delegate to an Indexer

To delegate to an indexer, visit this section.

# Undelegate from an Indexer

To undelegate from an indexer, visit this section.

# How to claim your rewards?

# Claim Rewards

To claim your rewards as a Delegator, follow the steps given here.

# Withdraw Undelegated Amount from an Indexer

To withdraw your undelegated amount from an indexer, follow the steps given here.

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