How to Connect to MetaMask?

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# How to Connect to MetaMask?

# Introduction

After starting the Indexing Service on your preferred hosting enviornment(Local, AWS, or Linux), the next step is to connect to MetaMask.

MetaMask is the browser-based crypto wallet that allows you to interact with the SubQuery Web3 application. If you do not have MetaMask, please download it from the appropriate “store” and install it.

# Steps to Connect to MetaMask

# 1. Initial Preparation:

Navigate to your Indexer administration page at: Then, you will see the following message:

Connect MetaMask

# 2. Add a network

Once MetaMask is installed, the network can be automatically imported.

If there are issues with the auto import, manually add the network by selecting the network dropdown and click “Add Network”.

Add a Network

Now, fill in the network details with the following:

  1. Network Name: Acala
  2. New RPC URL:
  3. Chain ID: 595
  4. Currency Symbol: ACA
  5. Block Explorer URL: (Optional)

Network Details

The MetaMask will display as follows:

Network Added

# 3. Connect with MetaMask

Now, go back and refresh the Indexer administration page. MetaMask will pop up asking you to connect with MetaMask.

Select Account_Connect MetaMask

Follow the steps. When MetaMask is connected, you will see the status as connected.

Metask Connected Screen

After connecting to MetaMask, the admin app will display the registry page.

Stake SQT_Registry Page

# Next Steps:

Once you have connected with MetaMask, you need to fund your account with some DEV and Testnet tokens.

Please visit How to Request for Testnet Tokens to learn more.

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