How to Request Testnet Tokens?

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# How to Request Testnet Tokens?

There are two types of tokens on the Testnet:

  • ACA tokens (the equivalent of ETH) for gas fee
  • SQT tokens for staking (contract address is 0x6B3953381f777Fa7136f1EA263e37174440090D1)

You can receive ACA and SQT tokens from the faucet channel (opens new window) under the Frontier Testnet Group in SubQuery’s Discord community.

# ACA tokens

  • Copy your account address from MetaMask and type !drip <address> to send SQT and ACA tokens to a given address. You can only make this call once per 6 hour.
  • You will receive the tokens within a few minutes.

Copy MetaMask Account Address

ACA tokens can be addressed as anything. Here it is called SQT_TESTNET.

ACA Tokens

# SQT Tokens

To claim your SQT token, click Import tokens. The contract address for SQT is 0x6B3953381f777Fa7136f1EA263e37174440090D1. Paste this into the Token Contract Address field.

Import ACA Tokens

Enter Token Address

Import the tokens and you should see the 1000 SQT appear.

Token Balance - Import Tokens

Token - End Result Screen

# Next Steps

Once this is done, visit How to Index a SubQuery Project.

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