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# Welcome

Welcome to Frontier (opens new window), SubQuery's Testnet.

# Why Should You Try Frontier Testnet?

Run your Blockchain project on our infrastructure for free and take advantage of our large SubQuery Community.

Whether you are an Indexer, a Delegator, or a Consumer, it doesn’t matter. Get a robust testing environment before you implement your project on a functional blockchain.

Run, Test, and Debug your projects with the help of our community, and get rewarded.

Now, let’s learn about the different areas within the explorer dashboard.

Testnet dashboard

# Explorer

  • This area displays a list of all the projects that are being indexed. It’s also the place where consumers can search and purchase plans.
  • If no plans are listed, it indicated that the Indexer has not yet created a plan. Note that the Indexers can also purchase their own plans.

Purchase plans

# Stake & Delegate:

This area:

  • Allows Indexers and Delegators to manage their stake, delegation, rewards, and view tokens that are locked.
  • Allows Delegators to select Indexers and delegate their SQT.
  • Allows Indexers to delegate to their own project.

Note: Find about more such network terminologies here.

Stake & Delegate Dashboard

# Plan & Offer

This area:

  • Lists service agreements.
  • Allows Indexers to create and manage their plans.
  • Allows Consumers to create and manage their offers.
  • Displays an offer marketplace where Indexers can accept an offer from a Consumer.

Plan & Offer Dashboard

# Mission

This area shows:

  • The enlisted missions, which have been completed by network participants(Indexers, Consumers, Delegators).
  • A leaderboard, grouped by network participants.

Mission Dashboard

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