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About the Content

Each module consists of 5-10 minutes video lessons. Each video is explained by industry experts and will guide you step by step. Moreover, to make it easier for you, each video content is followed by written tutorials, slides, lab workbooks, and links to the finished GitHub code repository. It focuses on the mantra of "learning by doing".

What you will achieve

The course is designed in a way that even if you are a beginner and know very little about SubQuery, you will become an expert in building a SubQuery data source for your new blockchain application. And that even includes developing complex SubQuery Projects and deploying them in SubQuery's Managed Service.

“SubQuery has been designed to help developers unlock value from blockchain data easily and quickly. That’s why onboarding new developers and teaching them the skills they need to build the dApps of tomorrow is incredibly important to the success of our community. The SubQuery Hero Course is going to be the first of many courses teaching valuable skills in our new SubQuery Academy”James Baylyopen in new window (Chief Operating Officer at SubQuery)