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SubQuery Network

The SubQuery Network is the most scalable, reliable, and unified data infrastructure network. 1,000s of decentralised Indexers and RPC providers simplify the data layer for a myriad of applications and use cases.

Participate today as a Delegator

Anyone can participate as a Delegator in the Network to earn rewards based on the work that Node Operators do. Current APR for delegators is high, don't miss out!

One network, all your web3 data needs

Decentralised Data IndexersFast, reliable, decentralised, and customised APIs for your web3 projectSubQuery APIs make your dApp lighting quick. By providing an indexed data layer, your dApps get richer data faster to allow you to build intuitive and immersive experiences for your users.Easy to build, test, deploy, and run, SubQuery’s Data Indexer makes dApp development a breeze.
Decentralised RPC EndpointsFaster, cheaper, and globally decentralised RPCs that supercharge your dAppThe SubQuery Data Node is a heavily optimised RPC endpoint that unlocks new breakthroughs in performance and scalability to power the next generation of web3 projects.With similar RPC endpoints and helpful SDKs to manage network connections, supercharging your dApp takes only a second.

Anyone can participate

There’s a role for everyone in the network, from highly technical developers to those with some experience and blockchain beginners. Find out how you can participate and be rewarded.
DApp UsersDApp UsersDApp Users will ask the SubQuery Network for specific indexed data and RPC endpoints for their dApps or tools, and exchange an advertised amount of SQT for each request.
DelegatorsDelegatorsDelegators will participate in the Network by supporting their favourite Data Indexers and RPC Providers to earn rewards based on the work those indexers do.
Data IndexersData IndexersData Indexers will run and maintain high quality SubQuery projects in their own infrastructure and will be rewarded in SQT for the requests that they serve.
RPC ProvidersRPC ProvidersRPC Providers run the optimised SubQuery Data Node and are rewarded in SQT for providing reliable, scalable, and affordable RPC services to the network.

The SubQuery Data Node

The SubQuery data node is a revolution in how we think about RPCs.

It is a heavily forked RPC node that is perfectly optimised for querying and running in a decentralised environment. Performance of web3 dApps is no longer limited by slow RPC endpoints.

The SQT Token

The SubQuery Token (SQT) is a utility token that powers the SubQuery Network. It is central to the efficient operation of a decentralised network of node operators.

You can read about the tokenomics and access SQT on a number of exchanges.

SubQuery’s Indexer SDK

SubQuery is a fast, flexible, and reliable open-source data indexer that provides you with custom APIs for your web3 project across all of our supported chains.

Build your own custom API for over 160 chains today by following our quick start guides, then host it your way

Need Help?

The fastest way to get support is by joining our discord and messaging us in #technical-support.