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Delegating to a Node Operator

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Delegating to a Node Operator

How to delegate to a Node Operator

To become a Delegator, you first need to decide what Node Operator to delegate to? We've made this easy for you by listing Node Operators in a page specifically designed to help delegators make this decision.

Head to the Network app, and view Node Operators under the Delegators Sectionopen in new window.

Delegate Node Operator List

There are a few key things to help you decide:

  • Estimated APY: This is the estimated APY rewarded to Delegators of this Node Operator from the last Era. It's a good indication of past performance of the Node Operator, but as conditions change between Eras, this estimate is not a guarantee for future Eras.
  • Commission: Node Operators set a Node Operator’s Commission Rate (NOCR) which is the percentage Node Operators earn. Therefore, a lower NOCR will be more attractive for Delegators as a larger percentage of rewards is shared between Delegators. Read more about this here.

Once you decide what Node Operator to delegate to, you can click "Delegate" on your choosen Node Operator.


Ensure you have ether for gas fees. Ether needs to be on the Base network. More information can be found here

Select your source for the delegation (it can be your wallet, or from an existing delegation amount) and enter an amount. Click on Delegate. You will be asked to confirm your transaction with your wallet. Please wait for a while after confirming the transaction.

Delegate to a Node Operator part 2

Note that some Node Operators cannot be delegated to, until they collect all the early era's rewards. You will have to contact the Node Operator to resolve the issue.

Cannot delegate

How to undelegate from a Node Operator

You can redelegate without waiting for the unlocking period

If you want to switch your delegation from one Node Operator to another, you can avoid the undelegation lock period by instead redelegating. When you initially delegate to a Node Operator, you can instead select another Node Operator's delegation as the source of funds to redelegate.

To undelegate from a Node Operator, navigate to Delegator -> Delegating.

Undelegate from a Node Operator

Click on Undelegate and enter the amount of SQT you want to undelegate. Then click Confirm Undelegation. You will be asked to confirm your transaction with your wallet. Confirm it and wait for a few seconds.

Confirm undelegate

You can notice the change in the Delegation Amount under the Your DELEGATION AMOUNT column (note the unlocking period on funds).

How to withdraw undelegated tokens

When you undelegate from a Node Operator, the tokens are locked for a specific period before they can be withdrawn. You can see pending unlocks and execute withdrawls in the My profile -> Withdrawls. When the tokens are unlocked, the Withdraw button will be available. Alternatively you can cancel the withdrawl here and redelegate your tokens.

Withdraw delegated tokens