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The SubQuery and Moonbeam Course

This course is a result of SubQuery's latest collaboration with Moonbeam to release a new course for web3 developers, who want to learn how to build a decentralised application on Moonbeam with the help of SubQuery. SubQuery was proud to be the first project to launch a course under Moonbeam’s very own Moonbuilders Academyopen in new window. We are happy to feature this content here a part of SubQuery Academy.

This course is focused on the Moonbeam and SubQuery integration and is crafted specifically for Moonbeam developers who are looking to index EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) data alognside Substrate data.

Overview of the Course Content

In this course you will learn how to use SubQuery to index decentralised data quickly and easily so that you can focus on the most important part — building your dApp. You can expect to learn how to index the data that you need to build a superior and performant application.

Within the course, you will create a project using SubQuery CLI and tweak it to your needs. This includes indexing Moonbeam data alongside Substate Events and exploring the benefits of such integration, discussing data mutation, entities’ relationships and other advanced ideas and upcoming features.

The course has 6 lessons, 1.5 hours of video materials and coding examples. Each lesson includes of video content. Each video is explained by industry experts and will guide you step by step. Moreover, to make it easier for you, each video content is followed by written tutorials, and links to other docs and GitHub code repositories.

Goal of the Course

The course is designed in a way that even if you are a beginner and know very little about SubQuery, you will become an expert in building a SubQuery data source for your new blockchain application. After the course you will have all the know-how to develop your SubQuery project further or create a brand new one tailored to your needs.

“SubQuery has been designed to help developers unlock value from blockchain data easily and quickly. That’s why onboarding new developers and teaching them the skills they need to build the dApps of tomorrow is incredibly important to the success of our community. The SubQuery Moonbeam Course is yet another course teaching valuable skills in our SubQuery Academy”James Baylyopen in new window (Chief Operating Officer at SubQuery)

“I personally had a lot of fun building the course content and hope developers enjoy this resource as well!“Marta Adamczykopen in new window (Technology Evangelist at SubQuery)

Read more about our collaboration with Moonbeam hereopen in new window.


In case of any issues or questions reach out to us on #technical-support channel on our Discordopen in new window