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SubQuery 101

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SubQuery 101

What Does SubQuery Do?

SubQuery is a blockchain project built on the Polkadot/Substrate network that indexes data so developers can find it easily when building applications.

Why is Indexing Important?

Indexing allows for fast retrieval of data by those who wish to use it. Just like indexes in the library that help you to find your favourite books, or when you use Google search, SubQuery has already categorised data on the blockchain so developers can find it easily.

Who Uses SubQuery?

SubQuery is used primarily by blockchain developers that wish to get data from the Polkadot/Substrate network. For example, a developer may require data of transactions and wallet balances to help build a wallet application. This information must be retrieved in real-time via an indexing service such as SubQuery.

Why is this Beneficial for dApps and Developers?

SubQuery allows developers to focus on their application rather than building their own indexing service saving them time and money. Imagine if you had to index all of the books in the library every time you visited! This is what developers are trying to avoid by using or building an indexing service. The time savings can be passed on to consumers using their applications and provide a better user experience.

What is the SubQuery Network?

SubQuery currently runs and hosts the indexing service directly. After our token launch in 2022, the SubQuery Network will be created. The SubQuery Network will decentralise the service whereby a community approach will be taken to indexing making the service faster and more scalable. Participants who help to index the data (“Indexers”) will receive rewards for doing so.