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What is an Architect?

An Architect is a SubQuery network participant who creates SubQuery indexing projects for Node Operators to index. They might do this by creating brand new datasets, or by converting other datasets (e.g. Subgraphs) to SubQuery projects.

Requirements to become an Architect

As Architects will be creating SubQuery projects, a technical background is highly recommended. Creating SubQuery projects involves reading technical documentation and writing code. Having said this, there are numerous resources and SubQuery courses that takes a beginner developer through the journey of creating SubQuery projects very quickly.

Architects may be dApp developers, data analytics experts, or someone with a solid technical background willing to learn some simple coding concepts. Architects may also act as Node Operators and host a node and serve blockchain data to Consumers in order to be rewarded.

Benefits of being an Architect

  • Utilise your existing technical knowledge to earn rewards.
  • Contribute to the network by providing SubQuery projects that the market demands.

How Architects are rewarded?

The SubQuery Foundation plans to provide grants to reward Architects, their contributions are decided by the value and real usage of the projects they migrate to the SubQuery Network.

Architects can also sell their services for creating SubQuery projects. Here, Architects can determine what SubQuery projects the Consumer market demands and build projects specifically for these Consumers. Commonly, Architects might also index their own projects, and thus also become an Indexer and gain rewards from serving valuable query data to Consumers.

Next steps

You can already become an Architect today, all you need to do is learn how to build a SubQuery project. View the quick start guide here to get started!