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Decentralisation without Compromise - the SubQuery Network is the future of web3 infrastructure

We are not just simply indexing web3 data, we're pioneering a complete web3 infrastructure revolution. Web3 middleware services like indexers and RPC providers are pivotal in blockchain dApp development, but there is a hidden truth behind the mask of “decentralisation” most of these middleware services wear. The reality is a significant reliance on centralised middleware components, which poses a substantial threat to the envisioned unstoppability of a web3 future.

We need to decentralise these services, without compromise. We’ve already delivered breakthroughs in decentralised data indexing, but our next steps will focus on enhancing the performance of RPCs with the SubQuery Data Node, and then to bring RPCs to the masses, with SubQuery’s Sharded Data Nodes. These steps together, will help unlock the next level of performance increases in web3.

We’re building the most open, performant, reliable, and scalable web3 infrastructure service for dApp developers. The SubQuery Network indexes and services data to the global community in an incentivised and verifiable way.

The SubQuery Network is facilitating an open web3 data revolution by allowing you to completely decentralise your infrastructure stack.

SubQuery will aim to power the future plethora of server-less applications in different blockchain ecosystems and accelerate our transition to a decentralised future.

The vision for SubQuery Network to encompass key web3 infrastructure components in a completely decentralised manner

Network Participants

There’s a role for everyone in the network, from highly technical developers to those that are not. The SubQuery network includes four main network participants.

Consumers will ask the SubQuery Network for specific data for their dApps or tools, and pay an advertised amount of SQT for each request. Learn more about Consumers.

RPC Providers (a Node Operator) run the optimised SubQuery Data Node and are rewarded in SQT for providing reliable, scalable, and affordable RPC services to the network. Learn more about RPC Providers

Data Indexers (a Node Operator) will run and maintain high quality SubQuery projects in their own infrastructure, running both the indexer and query service, and will be rewarded in SQT for the requests that they serve. Learn more about Data Indexers.

Delegators will participate in the Network by supporting their favourite Node Operators to earn rewards based on the work those Node Operators do. Learn more about Delegators.

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