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3. What’s Next?

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3. What’s Next?

Now that you have a clear understanding of how to build a basic SubQuery project, what are the next steps of your journey?

  • Now, you can easily publish your project. SubQuery provides a managed service solution where you can deploy your new project. SubQuery Projelerineopen in new window dağıtabilir ve Gezgin'iopen in new window kullanarak sorgulayabilirsiniz. Read this complete guide on how to publish your new project to SubQuery Projects.

  • To dive deeper into the developer documentation, jump to the Build section and learn more about the three key files: the manifest file, the GraphQL schema, and the mappings file.

  • If you want to practice with more real examples, then head to our Courses section and learn important concepts with related exercises and lab workbooks. Get access to readily available and open-source projects, and get a hands-on experience with SubQuery projects.

  • In the end, if you want to explore more ways to run and publish your project, refer to Run & Publish section. Get complete information about all the ways to run your SubQuery project, along with advanced GraphQL aggregation and subscription features.