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The SubQuery Network is the future of web3 infrastructure

We’re building the most open, performant, reliable, and scalable data service for dApp developers.

The SubQuery Network indexes and services data to the global community in an incentivised and verifiable way.

After publishing your project to the SubQuery Network, anyone can index and host it - providing data to users around the world faster and reliably.

The SubQuery Network is facilitating an open web3 data revolution by allowing you to completely decentralise your infrastructure stack.


There’s a role for everyone in the network, from highly technical developers to those that are not. The SubQuery network includes four main network participants.


Consumers will ask the SubQuery Network for specific data for their dApps or tools, and pay an advertised amount of SQT for each request.

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Indexers will run and maintain high quality SubQuery projects in their own infrastructure, running both the indexer and query service, and will be rewarded in SQT for the requests that they serve.

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Delegators will participate in the Network by supporting their favourite Indexers to earn rewards based on the work those indexers do.

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Architects are the builders of the SubQuery projects that the Network runs on. They author and publish SubQuery projects for the Network to index and run.

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