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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a Consumer, can I select 1 Indexer or multiple Indexers?

Depending on demand, there will often be multiple Indexers indexing a given SubQuery project and multiple RPC providers for each network. Consumers have the choice when deciding which Node Operator to make agreements with. Typically Consumers would select Node Operators from a combination of cost, reliability, and latency. Consumers could also incorporate automatic failover and read data from another Node Operator if the first one times out or is not responsive.

What happens if a Node Operator goes offline?

Unless a Closed Service Agreement is being used, and if there is more than one Data Indexer/RPC provider serving your SubQuery project, it would simply be a matter of switching to another Node Operator. The ideal scenario would be include strategies like alert monitoring to be notified of potential issues and intelligent routing and caching.