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Run a SubQuery Data Node

SubQuery TeamLess than 1 minute

Run a SubQuery Data Node

Running SubQuery data nodes is the same as running the unforked nodes, but there is an additional option for exposing the new RPCs. You can find the documentation for Gethopen in new window and OP-Gethopen in new window

Enabling Enhanced RPC Endpoints

To enable the new RPCs, add the "subql" namespace to --http.api and --ws.api flags or in your toml config to enable these RPCs. E.g --http.api="eth,net,web3,subql" --ws.api="eth,net,web3,subql" or in the below .toml

DataDir = "/mnt/eth-data/.ethereum/sepolia"
IPCPath = "geth.ipc"
HTTPHost = ""
HTTPPort = 8545
HTTPVirtualHosts = ["localhost"]
HTTPModules = ["net", "web3", "eth", "subql"]
AuthAddr = "localhost"
AuthPort = 8551
AuthVirtualHosts = ["localhost"]
WSHost = ""
WSPort = 8546
WSModules = ["net", "web3", "eth", "subql"]
GraphQLVirtualHosts = ["localhost"]
BatchRequestLimit = 1000
BatchResponseMaxSize = 25000000