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The SubQuery Foundation

SubQuery TeamAbout 2 min

The SubQuery Foundation

The SubQuery Foundation will oversee governance decisions and shape the ultimate strategic direction of the SubQuery Network. Dedicated to fostering an inclusive community, the Foundation intends to establish a robust governance program which aims to deliver on the promise of inclusivity, ensuring a fair, transparent, and decentralised ecosystem that will shape the future of Web3.

By actively promoting and advocating for the Network, the SubQuery Foundation aims to broaden its reach and influence within the Web3 community. Through strategic marketing efforts and efficient Treasury management, the Foundation will drive the growth and adoption of SubQuery's services.

Moreover, grants programs administered by the Foundation will incentivize developers and users to leverage the SubQuery Network for their innovative projects. By supporting community-driven initiatives and hackathons, the Foundation seeks to foster an ecosystem of partners and a flourishing user base. Comprehensive educational programs and learning materials will ensure that both beginners and seasoned developers have the resources they need to thrive within the SubQuery ecosystem.

It is expected that the SubQuery Foundation will be composed of core team members, as well as some key advisers and, over the longer term, a variety of community members elected by the community for the community.

The SubQuery Foundation is designed to focus on the following key outcomes.

  • Promote and advocate for the Network across the web3 community
  • Manage the Foundation's Treasury and marketing efforts
  • Manage grants programmes to stimulate the use of the network
  • Develop the SubQuery ecosystem of partners and user community (incl. hackathons)
  • Drive educational programmes and learning materials
  • Ensure the network is sufficiently decentralised and guided by the community

Foundation Roles

You can read more about the SubQuery Foundation at its offical website https://subquery.foundationopen in new window.

Day to Day Operations

Over the long term, the SubQuery Foundation should assume operational responsibility for day-to-day tasks in business development, marketing, product management, and other areas of the network.

In business development and sales, the Foundation should spearhead traditional business development efforts while also prioritising community events and outreach. From hackathons and grants to education and sponsorship opportunities, the Foundation aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem that supports developers and promotes customer success.

Marketing and community engagement should also be central to the Foundation's mission - with a strong focus on brand management, traditional marketing strategies, clear communication, and project awareness across the web3 community. Community management will play a crucial role in ensuring users remain informed and engaged, fostering a sense of belonging within the SubQuery ecosystem.

The Foundation should also guide product management and direction by determining which features to build and prioritising them on the development roadmap. Whether releasing features to the community or entrusting SubQuery Labs with implementation, the Foundation aims to ensure strategic alignment with community needs. Furthermore, bug bounties, investments, and miscellaneous initiatives will enhance the SubQuery Network's security and growth, cementing its position as a leader in the Web3 landscape.

Core Contribution to SubQuery's Codebases

It is our long term goal that a collection of independent organisations and individuals contribute to the SubQuery SDK, as well as the SubQuery Network contracts and applications. We've already taken steps towards this by introducing our open Developer Guild, which is a collection of paid tasks that any developer can start working on today for inclusion in our codebases.

In order to ensure that the SubQuery SDK and Network continues to grow in the right direction, and operate as usual, the day to day development team will be operating under SubQuery Labs, a new entity that is tasked to develop tools and services for SubQuery. This ensures that our development velocity continues through this transition period, and we continue to release new features and fix bugs as per usual. As mentioned before, it's expected that SubQuery Labs will be just one of many contracted development teams operating under development grants from the SubQuery Foundation.

Read more about contributing to SubQuery on our contributions guide.