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Install Node Operator Service With Separated Database

SubQuery TeamAbout 1 min

Install Node Operator Service With Separated Database

If you want to use a separated database for the Node Operator services, you can follow this guide to set up the database and install the Node Operator services.

Initial Preparation

Setup Database

To setup the database, you can choose one of the following options:

Setup PostgreSQL From An Existing Database Service

  • Make sure you have a PostgreSQL database service running.
  • Create a database for the Indexing service.
  • Create a user for the Indexing service.
  • Grant the user access to the database, and permission to create databases.
  • Get the credentials of the database, including the host, port, username, password, and database name.
  • Make sure the database is accessible from the machine running the Indexing service.

Database Security

Install and setup your firewall to only allow connections from the IP address of the machine running the Indexing service.

sudo ufw allow from <IP address of the machine running the Indexing service> to any port 5432

Install Indexer Service

Step 1 - Download the Indexer Service file

  • Download indexing services docker-compose.yml file to your machine, which consists of all the images to build and start the various applications.
mkdir subquery-indexer && cd subquery-indexer
curl -o docker-compose.yml

# extra steps to use local ipfs node
mkdir ipfs
curl -o ipfs/
chmod +x ipfs/

Step 2 - Update the Indexer Service file with Separated Database Information

  • Update the docker-compose.yml file with the database information.
# 1. remove or comment the postgres section
  # postgres:
  #   image: postgres:16-alpine
  #   container_name: indexer_db
  #   ...

# 2. update the following fields in coordinator section
- --postgres-host=<replace with your database host>
- --postgres-port=<replace with your database port>
- --postgres-username=<replace with your database username>
- --postgres-password=<replace with your database password>
- --postgres-database=<replace with your database name>

Step 3 - Start the Node Operator Service

Run the following command to start the Node Operator service:

docker compose up -d


For extra information about starting the Node Operator service, please visit from this section.