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Aggregate Functions

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Aggregate Functions

Group By

SubQuery supports advanced aggregate functions to allow you to perform a calculation on a set of values during your query.

Aggregate functions are usually used with the GroupBy function in your query.

GroupBy allows you to quickly get distinct values in a set from SubQuery in a single query.

GraphQL Groupby

Advanced Aggregate Functions

SubQuery provides the following aggregate functions when in unsafe mode:

  • sum (applies to number-like fields) - the result of adding all the values together
  • distinctCount (applies to all fields) - the count of the number of distinct values
  • min (applies to number-like fields) - the smallest value
  • max (applies to number-like fields) - the greatest value
  • average (applies to number-like fields) - the average (arithmetic mean) value
  • stddevSample (applies to number-like fields) - the sample standard deviation of the values
  • stddevPopulation (applies to number-like fields) - the population standard deviation of the values
  • varianceSample (applies to number-like fields) - the sample variance of the values
  • variancePopulation (applies to number-like fields) - the population variance of the values

SubQuery's implementation of aggregate functions is based on pg-aggregatesopen in new window, you can find more information there.


Please note that you must enable the --unsafe flag on the query service in order to use these functions. Read more.

Also, note that the --unsafe command will prevent your project from being run in the SubQuery Network, and you must contact support if you want this command to be run with your project in SubQuery's managed serviceopen in new window.