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Query and Access Data from SubQuery SDK

SubQuery TeamLess than 1 minute

Query and Access Data from SubQuery SDK

The default way that most query SubQuery Indexing SDK projects is by the excellent GraphQL Query service.

Native builds of SubQuery running in Docker will automatically include query service (subql/query). If you run it locally, you will also likely run a query service instance.

Both the decentralised SubQuery Network and the SubQuery Managed Service only provide access to SubQuery SDK indexing projects via the GraphQL endpoints exposed by the query service.

Please see the docs for how to query your SubQuery project here.

Integrations with other Developer Tools

SubQuery is open-source, and we are busy creating a rich ecosystem of developer tools that it works well with.

We now have guides to expose SubQuery data to the following locations.

  • GraphQL - the default query pattern.
  • GraphQL Subscriptions - subscribe to updated data as soon as it is indexed.
  • Direct Postgres Access - you can directly connect to the Postgres data from any other tool or service.
  • Metabase - an industry leading open-source and free data visualisation and business intelligence tool.
  • CSV Export - export indexed datasets to CSV files easily.
  • BigQuery - a fully managed, server-less data warehouse provided by Google Cloud, well-suited for analyzing large volumes of data.

Integration Ecosystem